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CDM Training in Bangalore

  • Basic Introduction to Clinical Data Management (CDM)

  • Clinical Data Management (CDM) is provided for candidates with any degree who have an interest in developing their career in the area of Clinical Data Management. After successful completion of the CDM training in Bangalore, candidates get an opportunity to work in companies which deal with Clinical Data Management (CDM). The program spans for a period of 3 months and covers all the basic concepts of Clinical Data Management.

  • Who should attend CDM Training in Bangalore?

  • Any Life Science Graduate/ Professional who wishes to make his/her career as a Clinical Analyst, Clinical Programmer, Bio-Statistician, Research Analyst & Clinical Business Analyst can go for CDM Training in Bangalore.

  • How will you benefit from CDM Training in Bangalore?
  • The program helps in enhancing your career skills towards a better future.

  • What you will learn from CDM Training in Bangalore?

    • Instructions for use and Introduction to Clinical Trails
    • Types of Clinical Data
    • The Normal Distribution
    • Introduction to Statistical Inference
    • Interval Estimation
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Introduction to Complex Hypothesis Tests
    • Correlation & Regression Analysis
    • Concluding remarks
    • Report Writing & Case Studies
    • Project
  • Why CDM Training in Bangalore from Nidhi Infotech
  • Our highly interactive CDM Training workshop motivates the participants to go beyond the given, think innovatively and lead confidently. The focus of this course is to enhance competence and effectiveness of the participants.

NOTE: For more information email: or call on +91 9535 1469 27/+91 9379 4696 67

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